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               Membership Information
            2018 - 2019

The Coastal Bend Flute Club presents public performances each year, as well as private
performances (i.e. weddings and parties). Some of the pieces that we will perform this season will
include 2 C Piccolos, 8 C Flutes, 2 G Alto Flutes, and 1 C Bass Flute. The club is fortunate to actually
own our own Alto and Bass Flutes.

Annual membership in the Coastal Bend Flute Club is $12.00 for students, $17.00 for Adults and $50.00
and above for
Corporate Sponsors
. Money raised through membership fees is used to buy music and new
instruments, as well as to help cover the cost of other administrative expenses. Please know that there are
NO paid positions in the club. The officers are all volunteers.

If you are interested in joining or sponsoring The Coastal Bend Flue Club, please call (361) 533-3053 or email